• Parents: Oh my god do you ever do anything right!?
  • School: You'll never be smart enough to achieve anything in life
  • Mirror: They're never going to love you if you look like that
  • Friends: You're always so depressed, all you do is listen to music
  • Music: Hey sweetheart, you okay? Don't worry, everything will be better soon. Just listen to me

I remember Meg’s story very clearly. She was in love with a man before Hercules. When he died, she sold her soul to Hades just to bring the man back to life. Once he was alive again, he left Meg for another woman, even though she gave up her soul for him. Of course this would scar Meg, which was why she couldn’t trust men, especially with her heart. Disney used to be so deep and meaningful, what happened?


i’m like 97% sure i’d be the best girlfriend ever but no one will ever know

when im famous and dont have time for these random q&a’s you’re going to wish you would have asked me anon questions








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i’ll give these to my future kids and grand kids js

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Zayn with an American accent

fuck me against the table with sweet syrup sauce holy shit

this is very easily my favorite thing on tumblr

I loves this twitcam omg

when he says ” give me my phone niall im sick of this” i die

I love how its in an American accent, but yet he still said rubbish instead of garbage